"Don't know much about your life, don't know much about your world..."

It finally happened. Something that would strike fear in my Psycho New Mama heart!

PJ has a cold.

Don't make fun of me- you should actually be impressed that in all of my New-Mama Psycho-ness I haven't had the child flown to the Mayo Clinic yet! The first night, the poor kid was so uncomfortable! Just as he would settle down to sleep, I would hear "SNORT...sneeeeeerrkkkk...SNORT SNORT.....WAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!" and that would be the end of sleep! Thankfully, it's two nights later and even though PJ still has that stuffy, puffy face you get when you have a cold, he's much more comfortable! Aside from the fact that he is probably going to end up on a therapists couch after too many run-ins with the bulb aspirator, aka "The Boogie Snatcher"! PJ...uh, really hates that thing! ;-)

PJ's cold has been the finale of what was a very busy week, which included coffee with my Coffee Mama Friends, a trip to Chuck E Cheese to celebrate a successful poop on the potty for the daughter of a friend, a visit today with a great friend of mine, and lunch with my mom, aunt and one of my mom's closest friends! And even better? The weather has been amazing and it really seems like spring might be coming after all!

So, tomorrow starts a new week and I hope all of this warm-fuzzy-ness continues to spill over into the coming days! It may not be as busy a week coming up, but I could sure do with as much time with friends/family/50 degree weather as I can get!

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