"S'why I'm easy...easy like Sunday morning..."


Today was a lovely, relaxing Sunday! After a busy couple of days, it was so nice to not have to rush anywhere or do anything specific! After two long days, poor PJ was beat, so after he woke at 7am for some breakfast, he snoozed on and off until 11am! Pete slept in, too, so I lounged in bed and watched a Law & Order marathon while I waited for my two favorite boys to get up!

The rest of the day consisted of Pete and I trying to straighten up our cyclone of an apartment! The work went by with much more ease since, for once, we were both home at the same time! Laundry and cleaning got done, and both were much-needed! We're not done yet, but we're the closest we have been to a normal living environment since before PJ was born!

Speaking of PJ, my little man sprouted overnight, it seems, and has outgrown much of his 0-3 months- size wardrobe! All of a sudden, his onesies are too short and too tight, his jeans are man-capri's, and his chunky neck overflows from his collars! So out came his 3-6 months size clothing, and along with came the tears! How can my scrawny little boy, who was swimming in his newborn clothing, be wearing black cords with those built-in elastic belt thingys like a big boy??? It's too much to take, but it also means we are moving into another season of PJ's babyhood and that is exciting, too! I miss the squishy little baby who first came to me, but this smiley, funny, rolly-polly little one is alot of fun, too, and I love him as much as the squishy version! How lucky, how blessed are we to have this sweet little man in our lives?

And now, after having a friend over for dinner and having tucked PJ into bed, after having watched an amazing game as USA beat Canada in men's ice hockey, after taking stock of my day, it's time for me to go to bed, too!!


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