"Somewhere in a burst of glory sound becomes a song/I'm bound to tell a story, that's where I belong..."

It's a quiet night here at the Latini home!

PJ has been in bed for an hour now, and Pete is (of course) working, so it's just me stirring, missing both of my boys!

In a few days, we will be heading up to the Pocano's for a long weekend, along with my sister Marla and her husband, Steve! You can't imagine how excited I am for this time with Pete and my sister! Pete works nights, so often I head off to bed by myself, so just to have him there next to me when I go to sleep will be so wonderful! Marla has been working and going to school two nights a week, so it will be nice to catch up on some sister time!

But, of course, the psycho new Mama in me is really nervous about traveling with PJ! Will he be able to sleep in the Pack n' Play? What if he gets sick? How much should I pack for him? Can he handle the car ride? Are the germs different in the Pocanos? And I know the answers are Yes, He won't (and if he does, his Dad and Aunt are nurses and there are doctors/hospitals everywhere), Enough for four days with extra for backup, Yes, and No, it's hard for me not to feel jittery! Is there ever going to be a time when I don't run into a situation that turns me into Spastic New Mama???

Weirdness aside, I know it's going to be fun! Even though he's still teeny, he can look at the window and see the deer that come right up to the house, or get super bundled up and be out in the snow for the first time! He'll be loved up and spoiled rotten by his Mom, Daddy, Aunt, Uncle and Pop (Pete's Dad is coming up also so he can ski with Pete)! Best of all, while the "big boys" ski, PJ can come shopping with his Aunt Marla and I!

(maniacal laughter!)

So, that's there to look forward to, and in the meantime, I think it's time for me to go to bed! Soon enough, there will be a Boy-Boy to feed and a husband to snuggle, so I should snooze while the getting is good!


ps- yes, i threw in a random picture of pj during tummy time, in a rare moment when he's not screaming in protest because he hates tummy time! you're welcome!

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