"Look at this photograph..."

I just looked around my apartment and saw something amazing...

It's like, 82% clean!

Trust me, 82% is a pretty good number considering what condition this place has been in since PJ came home! Having Pete around for a three-day weekend was a huge help! We really plugged away and got alot done! We even managed to have my parents over for dinner tonight! Even though PJ was a little punky (I swear he's teething!) his cuteness still won out for Bubbe and Zayda!

Now, all I need to do is either stay at 82% or try to raise my average, instead of letting a new mess creep in where the old one was...like I usually do! We'll just say that before PJ, I was a pretty crappy homemaker, and now that he's here and garners so much of my concentration...yeah. It's bad.

Either way, the 18% of mess that's left is going to have to wait, because tomorrow, the lovely and talented Michelle Bottalico is coming to take PJ's picture! Michelle shot Pete and I for our engagement pictures and our wedding, so it only made sense for her to shoot PJ, too! I am so, so excited for PJ's first professional pictures! So we all need our beauty sleep!

Well, maybe not PJ, since he's already the most gorgeous thing I've ever laid eyes on!

For the rest of us? Goodnight!

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