"In my life, I loved them all..."

What a sweet day, filled with family and friends all celebrating Riley's 6th birthday! The food was plentiful, the cake was delicious, and the children were noisy- all in all, a typical family party! Riley was feted in a most wonderful fashion and a great time was had by all!

PJ even made a new friend!

That's Sammy there on the left! What a face!

Riley's birthday will always have a special place in my heart- last year, Pete had to miss her birthday party because of nursing school obligations, and so he made his absence up to his godchild in the sweetest way ever. And, later that night...well, let's just say that nine months later we were blessed with PJ! Ahem...

It's funny, but I was looking over my blog post from her birthday last year, and I had mentioned the changes from her 4th birthday to her 5th. Riley's 4th birthday was celebrated in the hospital when Greg was in for his biopsy, and by her 5th birthday, Greg was gone. A few weeks after that, we said goodbye to Mom-Mom while PJ was just starting to grow inside of me. Now, a year after all of that, PJ is here, and we are all no longer completely living by the events of the past two years but instead are showing how we have all been shaped by them.

So when there are events like this to celebrate, the joy is even sweeter, even when there is still the sting of those who are missing. Today was Riley's day, and even though the events of the past two years have changed her irrevocably, the sweet, spent girl coming down off of her sugar high is also irrevocably six year old tonight!

We love you, Riley-Roo!

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