"Sky falls you feel like it's a beautiful day..."

Today was a busy day for PJ and I!

This morning was another installment of what is now becoming a weekly gathering of mama's and children at the Treehouse Coffee Shop! Thanks to my sweet friend Michelle, I have been lucky enough to be let into a circle of stay-at-home-mama/friends who are helping to make this transition in my own life very easy! The yummy peppermint mochas aside, it is so nice to have all of these lovely women to socialize with, while surrounded by all of their beautiful babies! Especially as I become more and more confidant about going out with PJ, gatherings like this are great!

After coffee, I stopped at my in-laws, then Pete, PJ and I ran a few errands and enjoyed a quick lunch at Chik-fil-A. I should note that my husband totally encouraged me to purchase a little Flyers sweatsuit for PJ, thus flying in the face of the ban he placed me under concerning the purchase of new clothes for PJ! But as he will be attending his first Flyers game later this month, it was a necessary expenditure! For dinner, PJ and I went over to my parents house! PJ almost let me eat my whole meal!

And now, my sweet boy is finally in bed, and I think it's time for his mama to follow suit! Here's to a pretty nice day, and to another one tomorrow!!


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Shelly said...

i love that you've joined the *mom* club--you're a most excellent addition =) also, gives me more excuses to see you!