"...and I'm hungry like the wolf..."

All is quiet...

...for the most part! PJ has just been tucked into bed, and I can hear him on the baby monitor making little singing noises! I would think he would be tired- the kid seemed to nurse ALLLLLL DAY today! I know I'm tired! You'd think I never fed him! He must be going through a growth spurt- after seeing all of the cute clothes I ordered him from Crazy 8 to grow into, he must be in a hurry! ;-)

Although, he is really cute while he nurses! He makes the funniest face when he's rooting, and he holds a handful of hair in whatever is his free hand (even though I wish he wouldn't pull his hair! I know that all of that blonde hair could still fall out, so I am enjoying every strand while I can!)! I love spending that quiet, personal time with my baby, even at night!

But, speaking of night, it's time for me to take advantage of the quiet and grab some Zzz's while my Hungry Man sleeps!

Until tomorrow...

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