"There's not a word yet for old friends who just met..."

Ahhh...a few free moments to wax poetic about the Boy!

It's quiet right now in our apartment- PJ is asleep in his bouncy seat and Pete is at work. It's almost like any other Friday night I have ever blogged about, and of course, not at all the same, and never will be again!

I can hardly believe he is a week old already! My much-anticipated December baby decided to make his debut in November instead. I went into labor right in the middle of "Glee", as a matter of fact! A few hours later, my newborn son was in my arms! The labor was scary- I was bleeding alot and PJ was not always tolerating the situation as well as the doctors would have liked. But he and I, along with his Daddy, are a great team, and everyone came out on the other side safe and sound!

I found the hospital to be difficult. All I wanted was to be with my Boy, and just when I was about to feed him/change him/nurse him/worship him, someone was there to weigh him/take my blood/check his blood sugar/etc. Arrrg. Getting home was the best feeling in the world!

That was Sunday, and each day we have become more and more comfortable with our new routine and new life! We are tired, and I can admit that alot of the time, we are getting our feet underneath of us! This business of raising a baby Boy is no joke!

Still, I have a hard time putting PJ down- he's in my arms almost non-stop. I look down at his sweet little face and can't believe that this is something that Pete and I created! He makes the funniest little face when he's hungry and starting to root around! He loves to lie on his belly against my chest, and when he lifts his head up with his skinny little neck, he looks like a little velociraptor! PJ is a mellow baby, just like his Daddy in temperament, and only cries when he's really hungry or when we try to shimmy a onesie onto his teeny little bod! We have discovered so much about him (and about each other!) in just a week, and I can't imagine what the next weeks will bring!

We are blessed beyond reason, and I could not be more thankful!

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I do what I want! said...

I'm in love with PJ he is the cutest baby ever!
You sound like such a warm and loving mom :) PJ is lucky to have you!