"'Cause I love you, baby baby baby, baby I love you..."

I found some sanity today!

After what felt like an overwhelming weekend, I woke up today pretty well intent on gathering my emotions and getting ready to enter the world as a parent who does, every now and then, venture out of her apartment!

Thankfully, my pretty new diaper bag arrived today, so I was motivated further by wanting to take it out for a spin, too! So, I packed it up, got PJ in his car seat, and ran errands to Babies R' Us and Target! And it was fine! I didn't lock him in the car or drop him- it felt comfortable and GOOD to be out running errands with my son! It also didn't hurt that loads of people stopped to tell me how cute he is ("He's so tiny! Look at that hair!")! Showing him off was alot of fun!

So, I know I won't shed the shackles of New Mama-hood in one outing to Target. It's hard not to feel wildly protective of this little life that's so dependant on me! But, we all have a life to lead, and PJ's will be a much better one if I can learn to be out in the world with him!

And since I know you're dying for a picture...

(Have I mentioned how much I love PJ's pack & play? They need to make beds for grown-ups with a napper thing!)


Shelly said...

good for you brie! so glad you got out--it takes some getting used to--having all that gear and such =) what a precious little lamb pj is!!!

Cocoa said...

Yay!. Love trying out new gear- especially bags.