'This is the story of a girl..."

These past few days have been a whirlwind of business and emotion! I can hardly believe I gave been able to keep up with it all, and I somehow get the feeling that there's so much more ahead of me!

I finally started to pack my bag for the hospital! I have my pajamas and toiletries together, and, most importantly, a big bag of lollipops, since I hear that's the only thing you will be allowed to eat during labor! ;-) One more run tomorrow and I'll have picked up everything I need! I also started washing PJ's clothes, so they can be put away and wait for his arrival so he can fill them! And, by the way, Dreft detergent is the best smell in the world! I'd wash all of our clothes in it if it wasn't so frickin' expensive! Thankfully, his furniture is also just about put together, so the clothes will have a place to live when he's not wearing them!

With all of the fervent activity in our apartment- putting furniture together! Thinning out my closet to share with the Boy! Making room for new things! Making room for a new life!- I observed to Pete that it's like we never lived here before this week, when we are expecting PJ's arrival any day now! And, I imagine, after he is here, it will feel like there was never any life at all before he arrived!

Aside from all of that, yesterday it was made official that Mom-Mom's house isn't Mom-Mom's house anymore. It belongs to a new family who will (hopefully) bring new life to it- and perhaps even replace the pink carpeting Mom-Mom loved so much. ;-) It makes me sad to know that the legacy I have always known that house to hold is over, but it makes me happy to think that there is a new one beginning for a new family, and I wish them all of the things I gained from those walls and the people who passed through them.

It's really kind of funny, the timing of it all. A few days after I said goodbye to Mom-Mom, I found out that I was pregnant with PJ, and now, a few days after saying goodbye to Mom-Mom's home, I am awaiting PJ's arrival. It's no secret that our pregnancy was a bit of a surprise to Pete and I, but I also think it's no surprise that maybe, this boy and Mom-Mom know each other better then I thought, because they have crossed paths many times already.

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I do what I want! said...

OMG he's here??!!?!
I wanna see pics!!!