"This is my now, this is my today..."


I can't believe it! Today was my last day with the gals!

It turned out to be a mellow one, since Ellie was taking her turn as the sick kid this week (Anna was home all of last week!). We spent the day relaxing and watching Cake Boss On Demand- Ellie was impressed with way she could possibly parlay her love of art into cool cakes!

I was completely floored when Anna's teachers all wished me well with tons of hugs and topped with gifts for PJ! I was beyond flattered, felt so blessed, and almost burst into tears right there, but held myself if check since it was only the start of the day! If I had started crying then, I would not have been able to stop for the rest of the day!

So, instead, I started crying about ten minutes into the drive home.

Well, come on! How could I not? There were parts of that job that drove me absolutely insane, the drivers in Cherry Hill being just the tip of the iceberg. But for better or for worse, for almost four years, those gals were my morning, noon, and night. And while I am so, so excited for this new transition in my life- one that will see my own son in my arms in just a few short weeks!- it makes saying goodbye hard!

But, it would seem that the theme of this year is transition. So, away we go.


I do what I want! said...

awww you can still go hang out with them and visit! and they will always love you! I had this same problem when I stopped being a nanny. I can't wait for little PJ to make his debut. He will keep you busy for sure!

Shelly said...

happy first day of the rest of your life!! yay for maternity leave! enjoy it and get all organized like for baby pj--so exciting!!