"Ob-la-di, ob-la-da, life goes on...la la la la life goes on..."

Today was pretty great, as it turns out. Weird, but great!

Waking up this morning without having to set my alarm was, of course, wonderful! I sat in bed and watched the Today Show and never really felt like someone who wasn't working anymore- it could have been just any Saturday.

Pete was awake shortly after and we got started on clearing all of the junk out of what will be PJ's room. Believe me, this was no small task. Can we talk about how many books I own? It's insane! I cleared out the bookshelves to move them away from the walls to paint, so now there are books stashed EVERYWHERE! On our dresser, nightstands, bedroom TV stand, living room cabinets, under the bed, in the bathroom...get the idea? I. Own. Alot. Of. Books!

I even bit the bullet and got a huge box of books together to donate to the local library. I am not one to part with books, but I quickly realized that my book habit and a baby together might take up too much room! Someday, when we have some extra funds, a Kindle might be in my future! Lots of books in alot less space!

There were alot of moments today when I would just look at Pete and say, "I'm not on vacation, I really just don't have a job..." and mention how weird it was. He let me rant on and off for a while and then said, "That's not what's bothering you- you're upset because someone else is taking care of your girls".

A few minutes later, the girls mom called to see if we could reschedule the dinner plans we had for tonight- both of the gals were sent home from school sick! My gals were sick...and someone else was taking care of them.

So, you know. I cried.

But, the tears were short-lived, although it was on my mind all day. We kept busy getting the room cleared out, and tomorrow we can start prepping the walls to be painted! Pete and I had a yummy dinner together (chili, rice, cornbread and salad, soooooooooo good!) and now I am blogging while Pete catches up with yesterday's episode of Heroes. There's a calm vibe here, even though our place looks like a hot friggin' mess as we begin this new transition.

Soon enough, the baby's room will be done, the furniture built, and all of his sweet baby things tucked away and ready for his arrival! Our own things will be back in their places, and once PJ actually arrives, we will all be in our rightful places.

Including me. :-)

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