"Even if I knew my place, should I leave it there?"

Our apartment is in complete chaos!

There are baby things stacked and stashed everywhere! There are piles of books hidden in every nook and cranny! Displaced items float about with no rhyme or reason!

It's driving me a little bit crazy.

But...we primed and spackled the baby's room today, so there is a light at the end of this insanely messy tunnel! Tomorrow, we will put the color up, then the decals, then we can bring in the furniture (and put it together...damn Ikea!) and finally, there will be a place to put everything!

And PJ is not allowed to arrive until after this is all done, of course! ;-)

Which of course is only about 3 1/2 weeks away! ARG! And of course, pretty much everything but his arrival is going crazy! All we can do is stay hopeful, put things back and find them a place as we can, and await meeting our baby boy!

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