"Do I wear you out? You must wonder why I'm relentless and all strung out..."

Well, we're getting there!!

PJ's room is slowly coming along! We spent alot of time prepping the walls, which were, in a word, crappy! They were painted this gross, deep red color, and there were a million holes in the wall. So it involved alot of spackling, sanding, priming, and most importantly, patience!! But, we got it done and now the first coat of color is up and it looks amazing! Painting should be done by tomorrow, and his furniture should be in by Thursday, which means I will finally be able to put all of this things away!!

Yippee!!! The mess is driving me nuts!

Of course, I feel like I should elaborate when I say "we". For one thing, my sister-in-law came over on Friday to help us get started with priming the walls, which we were inanely thankful for! And for another, since my blood pressure was slightly up at my last doctors visit, I would get to paint for a whole ten minutes before Pete made me get a drink of water or take a break (for the record, he also made me wear a face mask, which seemed to serve to make me breathe in my own breath- ew!)! I also had to miss a housewarming party for my sweet friend Mandy because it was deemed too far a drive.


I am starting to fully understand the cranky, last few weeks of pregnancy aura all of my girlfriends who have children adopted when they were at this stage! No wonder everyone thinks the birth of a child is a such a miracle- it marks the end of pregnancy! To be fair, my pregnancy has been pretty easy, and I have enjoyed all of the milestones and excitement and kicks and wiggles and squirms! I was even lucky enough to have pretty mild side effects! But now? Now I'm just a tired, fat girl with a pelvis that feels like it's coming unglued! Nice, eh?

Thank goodness this place is starting to come together and I have something to take the edge off of my crankiness! :-)

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I do what I want! said...

Hang in there! It will be worth it!