"Purpose, it's a little flame that lights a fire under your ass..."

The past week has been a slow one for me...brain wise! Which is why I wasn't blogging very much last week! I have loads on my mind, per usual, but have also been feeling the low energy of the third trimester. The lack of energy has been winning out, so my thoughts have stayed put in my brain.

Personally, I think that sometimes, the fewer of my thoughts that are out in the world, the better. But hey, you could totally be on E-bay or perezhilton.com or even this page, instead of reading this blog (although I fully recommend the last one for a good laugh!)

That said, I am always glad you are here!

So, to set about the daunting task of unloading my brain, I'll start with the fact that I am 30 weeks pregnant today! That's 3/4 of this pregnancy down, and 10 weeks to go! I can't wait to meet this boy!!

The arrival of the boy, however, does not come without its anxieties, despite the fact that this is the happiest I have ever felt (despite the heartburn!). My working part time has been a big strain on our budget (even though it has also been a huge ease on my sanity!). Poor Pete has been working himself into the ground helping to make up for the gap, and we are doing okay, amazingly. We have been watching our spending very carefully, and it has been a lesson for the both of us, who sometimes can be careless with money.

Thankfully, Pete finally got his letter from the State of NJ saying that he is board certified to practice as a Registered Nurse, which finally makes him eligible for open positions in the area. So, we made his resume and cover letter all pretty, and he has been working the internet like a fiend applying for jobs. So, I would be most thankful to you for keeping your collective fingers crossed!

There is so much to talk about, and I am going to do my best to unload a little bit as the week goes on. In the meantime, I am going to relax, enjoy Ultimate Cake Off, and enjoy feeling PJ squirm away!

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