"I love you like a fat kid loves cake..."

Today was truly a perfect Sunday! I got to spend time with Pete, the weather was absolutely gorgeous, I got a few things around the house done, ran some errands, finally managed to get my sister-in-law Ann Marie's birthday present to her, and rounded out my day with a visit to Randi and Greg's to celebrate their daughter Natalie's 4th birthday!

Randi sweetened the invite by letting me know they were having a Sweet Eats's cake, but I would have gone over anyway!

Really! :-)

With all of the talk about change that I have been doing, tonight made me happy in the realization that I have had, have now, and will continue to have such amazing friends in my life, to share fun milestones like our children's birthdays, and even to share the times when life is hard. If you're lucky, your friends are the constant in a lifetime of changes, and the best you can do is to hold them to you as tightly as possible!

And now? Back to the VMA's! :-)

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