"So we're okay, we're fine..."

For a first day of vacation, today was certainly...well, it was completely uneventful, and except for the fact that there was nothing on T.V, I did not mind a bit!

One thing I have realized, though, is that hard work is an amazing thing, but within that hard work, there has to be some time for a person to recharge, or else the batteries run completely out. I have worked two jobs on and off since I was 19, and the last stretch was for over 5 years when I worked weekends at the children's hospital. Not THE Children's Hospital. Another one.


So for over 5 year, most weeks, I was working 7 days a week, averaging 60-80 hours per week. And I just did it, because I liked my job, valued the extra money, and took a weird sort of pride in my work-a-holic-ism. I didn't notice that I was tired because I didn't slow down enough to be tired. And I only took a day off is someone needed me,not because I thought I myself needed a day or two.

But then, back in March, I was laid off from my second job, lost my Mom-Mom, and found out we were pregnant, all within a month! Suddenly, my weekends were mine, although over the first few months, I spent them first nursing a broken heart, then nursing the overwhelming exhaustion I was feeling in early pregnancy!

After that,something weird happened. Those mornings I did not have to jump out of bed to go to work I would lay in bed and read a book. Or if I was lucky enough to have Pete there, spend the morning relaxing and talking. Mondays became very different because I was both recharged and feeling the sharp difference of a day of rest vs. a day of work.

This morning was one of those days when Pete and I were both home and had nowhere to go this morning. We lounged in bed, enjoying the morning cool enough to not need the air conditioner, feeling PJ kicking inside of me, with Pete complaining about how every time he tried to pull the covers up during the night, I kicked them off. Time ticked slowly, and there was no place that we needed to hop out of bed and go to. And I couldn't help but think how vital this type of time has become to me!

I know I have had time on my mind lately, but today, I was thinking more in single moments then in big chunks. Either way, each minute is bringing me closer and closer to something wonderful!

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