"Your eyes might be green, or the bluest that I've ever seen. Anyway, you'll be blessed..."

I hope I am not boring anyone who happens to be stumbling across my blog! Getting back into daily blogging involves a warm-up of my writing skills!

Today was just a lovely day! The girls and I had a playdate with my sister's good friend Tracy and her gorgeous daughters Alyssa and Kyla! We were also joined Tracy's sisters, niece and nephews, and hosted by her sweet mom! The kids enjoyed each others company, swimming together, and eating Munchkin's! My gals always love making new friends- the kids got along amazingly and the adults enjoyed each other's company! I was even able to get a little color get some sun and therefore, some Vitamin D for my baby! ;-)

Of course, speaking of the baby, tomorrow is our 2nd trimester ultrasound that will allow us to see if the baby is a boy or a girl...and most importantly, if the baby is healthy- the thing we are praying for most of all! The consensus on what flavor we are having varies. Marla wants a baby girl so badly, she was rubbing Jimmy Choo's on my belly, figuring if she got a kick, it's a girl! So many people have wished us luck and expressed an interest in our tiny, naked little miracle!We feel so blessed to have so much goodwill around us!

With such an amazing event about to happen- news that will change our lives forever!- it is so easy to forget the usual frustrations of life. I will not be spending tomorrow the way I always dreamed I would on the day I found the gender of my first baby. I had always thought it would be a whirlwind of visiting my family to spread the news! It's not going to be the day I imagined, but oh, it will be such a sweet day nonetheless, and just strengthens the resolve I have about what my life as a parent will be like.

It's not secret that our pregnancy came as a HUGE surprise to Pete and I! The news came to us on the heels of alot of chaos in our lives, and our shock was us equal as our joy! Tomorrow's news, the news of whether we will have a son or a daughter? That news will be nothing but sweet!

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I do what I want! said...

SO excited! Please update tomorrow and share the good news!