"But they told me a man should be faithful, and walk when not able...but I'm only human..."

Just a quickie tonight- I am falling asleep!!

Today was Pete's best friend Bob's birthday! Bob is one of my favorite people in the whole world! He's just a great person, and I adore him! Last year, Bob won the award for the Suckiest Birthday Ever! He was in the middle of a battle against testicular cancer (which he won, thank GOD!), his dog fell ill and passed away, and while he was handling what he needed to with his dog, his cat got out and was killed by a car. Seriously? Suckiest Birthday Ever.

So this year, his sweet girlfriend Stacy decided to really do it up, so there was a big gathering of Bob's friends at a local bar to help celebrate a much happier birthday!

But Bob had one more surprise up his sleeve- he proposed to Stacy!!! So we celebrated a birthday AND and engagement!!! And since just over two years ago, Pete and I did the same thing, it was nice to see the trend continue!!

Yay to happiness!

But, of course, with happiness comes sadness sometimes, and late last night Pete got some terrible news about a friend of his from the fire department who passed away in a very terrible, violent way. It's left all of the people he loves wondering what went so very wrong, and with broken hearts. I have been thinking about it all day, and wondering how I would handle things if I really, truly felt hopeless.

I wish with all of my heart that this horrible thing had not happened, but I think about Pete and I, and all that we have been through and seen the people we love go through. What if we had lost someone we loved the same way?

Oh, God, just hold on to the people you love. Relish in those amazing happy moments and cling to each other during the rough times. Pray hard for the people who may not be as lucky, or who are so deep into a dark place, they don't realize how lucky they are, or can be.

I am making no sense! It's time for bed!!

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