"Weep not for the memories..."

I did have big plans to blog last night, but a sudden date with my toilet bowl pre-empted my plans!

Ah, the magic of pregnancy!

As I am feeling much better today, I decided to spend a little time emptying my brain. I seem to be having the reverse of "morning sickness" and the nausea sets in at night!

Yesterday was a typical Wednesday full of business and running about. Usually, Anna has dance class in the morning, and then we enjoy a Wednesday, apres-dance Chik-fil-A date with our good friends. Yesterday, we skipped dance and dates to head up to Archway Programs, the school that I worked at when I first graduated college and where I met Pete, where Shelly and Greg met, and where I made countless friends (it's really too bad it paid so poorly or I would have never left!)!

The school held a memorial service for Greg, who had worked at Archway for at least 10 years. Greg loved his job, loved it, and sometimes, I can't imagine that he doesn't work there anymore, much less that he's gone! The service was so sweet, I know that Shelly was so touched by it. My favorite part was the poems written and read by the students, they were SOOOOOOOO Greg! One kid wrote a poem with a line about "And when the boys walked down the hall Mr. Greg said 'Hello, ladies!', and how Greg used to call him a "kinigget" (Monty Python reference). Another girl wrote about how half the time, she wasn't sure if Greg was being funny or not (his sense of humor could be a little off)! The kids really caught the essence of Greg, and that spoke to me more then anything.

The school planted a tree in Greg's memory and invited everyone to go outside and see the tree. The Archway campus is truly gorgeous- set on a big lake surrounded by tons of trees and flowers. The tree is alongside another tree, planted for a student who was killed in a car accident a few years ago.

It really was a beautiful afternoon, filled with warmth and love. There was so much of it in the room, so much goodwill just radiating towards Shelly and the gals. A little sad, because everyone misses Greg. And there's something that still aches about seeing Shel and the girls alone. Still, it was so sweet to see everyone remembering Greg in such a special way.

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