"Yes that's my name in black and white, maybe I'm doing something right! I am so much better then before!"

FINALLY! Some good news!

Pete found out late last night that he passed his nursing school final!

I was in a dead sleep, passed out cold, when all of the sudden the light was switched on and Pete came flying into the room! He scared me half to death, but once I picked my heart out of my teeth I realized what he was saying, "I did it! I'm a nurse!".

Oh, boy! NOW I'm awake!!

He had to breeze right back out since he stopped by while he was working to tell me! But seeing him so happy and so proud, after his setbacks from last year, was wonderful to see! He worked HARD for this, and he deserves it! I am so happy for him!

And I'm a little happy for me, too! ;-)

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Ree said...

That's great!! Congrats!! What a birthday gift, huh?