"Won't it be odd, to be happy like we always thought we're supposed to feel..."

I woke up this morning with the sun in the sky (thanks to daylight savings!) and a song in my heart- I was determined to make the dreaded Monday a good day!

It started off well- I got my little chickens off to school without a hitch, went to the gym, came back for a shower and then headed out to pick Anna up from school.

And then it happened.

My mom called to let me know that Mom-Mom had been having chest pains that morning and was taken to the hospital. By the time my mom called, Mom-Mom was much more comfortable and not in any pain, so it was a little less weight on my heart. But I know that with her previous diagnosis, this might be something that occurs with more and more regularity. The thought of her having pain on a continual basis...well, it's alot to think about. That said, when I spoke to her tonight, she was mad about having to stay overnight and no doubt torturing Margaret, her amazing caretaker!

It was hard getting through work, which in and of itself was pleasant enough! Anna and I enjoyed the weather by taking Emily the dog to the playground! But alas, Weight Watchers bladder set in and after about 40 minutes, I had to pee so badly I could feel it bubbling in my ears. So we headed home, picked up Ellie from the bus stop, and made a big blanket tent in the living room! SO FUN! I felt like I was 5 years old again! The girls even got showered and into jammies to they could eat dinner in the tent! It was such a blast introducing the girls to something that was such a big part of my childhood! Anna actually said "Breezy. You come up with the best ideas! EVER!" How funny is that?

Oh my. I am getting tired, so the rest of this may not make sense. Anyway, on my way home from work- in fact, no more then a few blocks from home- Pete called and asked if I could take my mother in law to the hospital to meet my father in law. He had been feeling some fairly severe chest pains a few nights ago, and still not feeling just right today, decided to go to the ER. Now, Pete's family doesn't have the luxury of having had many extensive medical experiences like my family. So everyone was pretty upset. I drove my mother in law over to the hospital, and they are keeping my father in law overnight while they figure out exactly what is going on.

And there we have it folks- family members on both sides in the hospital for potential heart issues. So, keep them in your prayers and hearts and hope for the best for everyone!

Oh,and for once, I'm just going to ask- pray for me too! I am starting to feel my hold on sanity slipping away!

(And tomorrow, I will talk more about the new toy I won on eBay that arrived today!)



I do what I want! said...

praying praying praying :)

Shelly said...

always praying friend!