"It's hard to keep your mouth shut, harder still to make noise..."

So the first thing that I need to address today- I need to not watch shows on E! about celebs who have bad plastic surgery. I think I could watch a Stephen King movie and be less horrified. My God, and these are people with MONEY paying to look like a hot friggin' mess! If I went in for plastic surgery with my nanny salary backing me up, I'd be afraid of ending up looking like Gollum.


Today was a fairly short day at work- I didn't have to be in until 10, when I picked up Anna from the doctors office (she took her shots like a camp, as usual) and whisked her off to pick up Riley and head off to dance class. We all enjoyed our usual Chick-fil-A apres dance lunch with our favorite lunch date. We dropped Ry off at home, headed back to the gals house to walk the dog, and then picked up Ellie from the bus stop and headed right back to the Little Gym for Ellie's gymnastics class! Usually, we head back home to some dinner, homework, and baths, but their dad was on his way home and was right on track to swing by and pick the gals up after class so PRESTO! Five-thirty, and I was done!

Pete has off most Wednesday nights, so I made us dinner (tweaked a recipe I learned from Shelly) and we ate and chatted, and then I headed out to walk and Pete retreated to our office/second bedroom/place we stash extra crap to study. I can not wait until Pete is done with school and we can settle into a life where maybe, just maybe, we live the type of life where eating dinner together is more of an every day thing!

It wasn't until we were loading the dishwasher that I thought of taking a picture of our dinner, of course. So, instead, please behold this picture of the basket of laundry that has been sitting here since Sunday, waiting to be folded. Please leave me many shaming, harsh comments about what a lazy ass I am, as to best motivate me to put the DAMN CLOTHES AWAY!!!

I thank you for your support.

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