"Well I, I dream days away, but that's okay..."

A Poem About My Day

My day started off at fifteen after 8
When Pete and his friend Walter came to our place and ate.
They were on a break from work. They had a chance
To have some breakfast, then go back to driving an ambulance.
After they departed, I got in the shower
At a little after 9. Then fast-forward an hour-
By then I was dressed, driving, and must confess
I stopped at my parents to borrow their GPS.
I used to guide me on my drive to my friend Amanda Roy's
To visit with her, Arjun her husband, Selina her daughter, and Dylan, their boy!

We had so much fun chatting, and Dylan pretended to be a pirate
Then it was off to lunch at Chili's (and I didn't stick to my diet!).
Back at their beautiful house we relaxed and conversed.
Then it came time to go so I grabbed my purse,
Kissed Amanda, Arjun, Selina and Dylan goodbye
Then hopped in the car and home I did drive!
On the ride I drank coffee, so sadly for me
By the time I got home I really had to pee!
Urine passed, I felt better, not nearly so edgy,
So I washed my hands, defrosted chicken and cut up some veggies!
Pete came home not long after and we had some dinner
While we speculated what stars would be Oscar winners.
Pete's since left the room, he complained of being bored
Since I was engrossed in the Oscar awards!
And since they're still on my blogging now will cease,
So I can enjoy this awards show in peace!


PS- Can you tell I'm obsessed with my Kate Voegele CD? I think my last 4 or 5 blog posts have used lines from her songs! Check her out if you feel so inclined!

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