"We can keep chilling like ice-cream filling, we can be cool in the gang if you'd rather hang..."

I don't know how it suddenly became 11:32pm, but here it is and I still have so much to do.

So,of course, I'm blogging.

(By the way, I have tried to fight the use of the word "blogging", it's just sounds so strange, but I have given in. This is a blog. I am blogging. I have blogged.)

Today was a pretty relaxed day, I enjoyed a morning with Shelly after dropping off the gals, then enjoyed getting my butt kicked at Uno! by Anna! After I said goodbye to my gals, I went back over to Shelly's for dinner and to help tuck her gals into their cool new bunk beds! Shel was nice enough to make me a dinner that was within my...uh...dietary constraints. Read- non-fattening. Anyway, we got to relax and chat for a bit, and I was just reminded again that my sisters are made of steel. I was also reminded of how much we all really miss Greg. As if I needed reminding.

One of my friends, Keith, lost his brother Bob to cancer back in 2003. It was just devastating for his whole family. I have known Keith since the 3rd grade, and his mom Emily is honestly just one of the most wonderful women I have ever known. Bob left behind a wife and a young child, and the whole story just reminds me so much of what we have all gone through watching Shelly and her gals lose Greg.

Keith is participating in the American Cancer Society Bike-a-Thon on July 12th to help raise money for cancer research. He will be riding an astounding 64.6 miles (and I am sorry, unless you are Lance FRIGGIN Armstrong, that's alot of time on a bike!)! Please, please consider supporting my friend in his journey to fight cancer!

You can make a donation online via Keith's participant page by clicking HERE!!

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