"She blinded me with SCIENCE!"

Happy Birthday(party) Riley!

We all had a fantastic day at Riley's 5th birthday party! It was so good to see everyone to celebrate and enjoy the Mad Science show! Our girl- along with the rest of my nieces and nephews- is growing by the second! I remember exactly where I was the day Riley was born (teaching a class to Cooper) and can not believe that 5 years have gone by since Pete sent me a text to let me know she had arrived!

And now, with my belly full of Sweet Eats birthday cake (Weight Watchers be dammed- I skipped breakfast and had a salad for lunch just so I could enjoy a big, honking slice of cake!) and my pajamas on (at 7:20pm), this wild woman is off to relax!


Shelly said...

yay for a fun party! i hope that cake was worth all of your point scrimping and saving--it looks delish =)

Ree said...

Sweet Eats is Da Bomb!! They are right around the corner from me!! So dangerous b/c I can literally walk there...which I guess is good-I could walk off some of those cals!!