"But if I tell the world, I'll never say enough..."

I am truly amazed that I am able to sit down and blog, because my workday rendered me into a coma, it was sooooooo boring! It was ten....very....long....hours. The highlight was making valentines with one of my teen patients and making this one for Pete!

Thankfully, now I am home,trying not to barf up my 21 points I ate today while I watch the Jonas Brothers sing with the amazing Stevie Wonder. Really, the Jonas Brothers? Singing with a living legend? Really? Blergh. I know the Grammy's are trying to mix it up this year, but oy.

But, salvation! Adele won a Grammy! LOOOOOOOOVE HER, go get her CD now, now, now!

Okay, enough Grammy commentary.

Today was Day 2 of my Weight Watchers Experience and it went well! I am still getting the hang of how to best dole out my points for the day, but I felt relatively satisfied after my meals and snacks today. Not as satisfied as, perhaps, a Ho-Ho with caramel would have made me, but hopefully, that will pass! It's so tempting to just hop on the scale every four seconds and hope that maybe I lost a pound in the hour before, but I know I have a long road to go!

I am also going to try my best not to blog about food and weight loss and how I managed to stretch my points every day! For now, it's what's on my mind because I am so conscious of what I am eating, but hopefully, it will all be second nature soon enough and I can go back to blogging about road rage and my cat!

Speaking of my cat...

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