"I am folded, and unfolded, and unfolding...I am..."

This has a to be a short one, because I have Valentines to put together for my chickens!!

Today was one of those here, there and everywhere days! I found myself feeling very chaotic and overwhelmed- just a few moments of disorganization and I went in a tailspin!

Fast forward to tonight, when I finally got home and adding up my WW points for the day. Turns out, I was like many points short of what I should be eating for the day! While I don't want to go over, I certainly don't want to under eat, either. I'm glad I didn't resort to grabbing a handful of crap, but being hungry makes me miserable, and there's no reason for that! So, I need to set up a better game plan for days when I am on the go alot!

That said, just take a look at the sun setting over...well Wegman's, where I happened to pull over to snap a few shots:

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