"Far in the distance, this is the view from the other side..."

Blergh. So the spoils of my four day vacation were reaped today, as I slogged through a Wednesday that felt like a Monday with two exhausted little girls in tow! I was cranky from going back to work, and my muffins were completely spent after a weekend of skiing! But, we all made it through reletively unscathed, and now I have some time to blog while I wait for the bathroom floor to dry.

Yeah, I mopped. It happens sometimes.

I found my heart to be pretty full today- thinking of so many things. I spent some time todey online trying to learn about Parkinson's Disease. It was alot to take in,and I am very glad my mom will see the neurologist tomorrow, to get more difinitive information and advice. I am trying to take all of this day by day and not leap ahead to the thought of what I might be watching my mother go through.

I know that so often in the past year, this blog has been so melencholy. I am sorry to anyone who reads this blog on purpose (although for the life of me, I don't know why you would) or just happens tostumble upon it. The people I love have been through so much, and seeing them go through it...I want to help so badly but really know that I have no consequence to any of it. I can play the supportive role, but really, truly, what can I do but stand here and watch it all happen?

I have to do something, so I lay it all out here. For me, it's cathartic, and I still harbor the hope that someday, the person who has all the answers will take pity on my sorry ass and leave me a comment that says "Hey, Brie, let me straighten you out. Just drop me an e-mail at iknowitall@straightenbrieout.com. Oh, and of course you aren't fat!".

Sigh. That would be awesome.

Anyway, I think that's enough for tonight. Here's a picture of the place I spent most of my day:

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