"Don't be so afraid of facing every day, just take your time..."

I really,really want a Cadbury Egg right now, and even though it's only 3 WW points and I have them to spare today, I am abstaining. Tomorrows weigh-in should rank somewhere between the Hindenburg and the Thailand tsunami as far as disasters go. I didn't stray from my points this week, but I mostly laid around and didn't drink much water at all, so I am feeling bloated, discouraged, and not at all happy at the thought of getting on the scale tomorrow! Hopefully, I didn't gain- I'll settle for just not having lost.

Today turned out to be a short day with the gals, so I was home by 5pm! That was a rare treat, so I enjoyed my evening of eating leftovers, straightening up, and having a quick visit with Shelly! Next on the repertoire: watching Sober House so I can find out what happened to Seth! Carmen and I have been counting down to tonight's episode all day!! The only thing I am missing is Pete, but Thursdays are his late night at work.:-(

My mom gave me a call after her neurology appointment today. The doctor gave her a definitive diagnosis of Parkinson's, and also made note of some physical symptoms that have already manifested. She'll start some physical therapy and start a course of medication, with a follow up in three months. I still haven't wrapped my head around the fact that I am going to be watching another person I love go through a slow burn, after I already watched Greg lose his battle and Mom-Mom going through her own. I'm just not sure where my head is at all- for now, I'm just laying it out here and hoping that at some point, my thoughts will make some sense. And God only knows what this diagnosis will really mean for my mom- we might not notice a big difference until she's 80-something.

At any rate, I am going to resolve to to my best to stay positive so I can do what I do best- support the people who need me and not worry about myself for a while. It may sound...well, it may sound unhealthy, but it's just how I do! Believe me, it's good for me to forget about my own troubled heart and do something for someone else, it's a weird type of pay-it-forward deal.

Sigh. I know I am not really making any sense, so here is a picture of something else that does not make sense. Behold, the macaroni and cheese pizza that Anna consumed for lunch!

PS- I ate the Egg after all. I am such a friggin' willpower-less loser.


Shelly said...

you are so-not-a-loser! yay for you and weight-watchers--i think you're doing an excellent job! you can do it!

Ree said...

OHH They are SOOOOO hard to resist!! LOVE 'em!! I wish you luck w/WW!! I will be praying for your Mom & Mom MOM!!