"Do what you want but you're never gonna break me..."

Tuesday is a weird day. It doesn't quite have the dull, annoying ache of a Monday, when you are returning to work after a restful weekend. It's not like Wednesday, hump day, when you can see a light at the end of the tunnel, or Thursday, the day before Friday, when the weekend is so close you can TASTE it! And Friday, that wonderful say when you end your work week! Tuesday just doesn't have it's own thing. It's not as horrible as Monday and not anywhere near as great as Friday!

My Tuesday had alot of help in making it a good day! Anna and I had a visit from Michelle, Amelie and Maeve to brighten our day and help the afternoon speed by! I tried my hand at making a pasta dish for lunch- hopefully, Michelle wasn't just being polite when she ate it! I thought it wasn't bad, actually! Trying to watch what I eat has inspired me to try and be more creative in the kitchen, which I am actually finding I enjoy! Maybe I do not hate to cook as much as I thought! And while we ate and chatted, the girls got all glammed up courtesy of the costume chest!

Speaking of watching what I eat, I have also made a return to the gym. It's only been two days now, but I am hoping I can make a habit out of getting exercise, the same way I am making a habit of eating better.

Besides, how can I resist the gym when it's chock full of whack-a-dos like I saw today! When I walked in, a trainer was putting a woman through a workout. It must have been pretty grueling because she was moaning and groaning. But not "This workout suck ass I am going to barf" moaning. No. This lady was in a full-on, orgasmic, Meg Ryan in When Harry Met Sally moan. Jeeze.

Upstairs, there was a guy two treadmills down from me who had his shirt hem pulled up through his collar- a sort of half-shirt/bra type of deal. I didn't get to gawk at him very long, as he was ending his workout as I was starting. Thankfully, I had the lady in corduroy's and a turtleneck on the treadmill in front of me to entertain me!


Today is National Pancake Day (and you thought it was just Fat Tuesday!), so the dinner plan with my gals was a pancake dinner. But, their mom got home before I could make them, so I headed out to get my hair done at my happy place, Hello, Gorgeous!, with my favorite stylist Gina! I was in desperate need for a change- I have had the same haircut and color for well over a year, and trying to lose weight, I needed something to inspire me. So, Gina slathered color and snipped away, and the result was this:



I do what I want! said...

I LOVE the new hair! very stylish and a good change for sure! I was trying to figure out how to become a follower of your blog and I can't find the button anywhere! Is it hiding?!?! Your nanny dress up stories make me miss my little kids I used to watch :( You sound like such a fun nanny!

Shelly said...

your hair looks awesome! and i don't have the stomach ability to eat something out of politeness--i'm nice, but not THAT nice. it was good =)

Ree said...

Your hair looks awesome!! Nothing like a cut & color to pep up your mood, eh?
Good job w/keeping up the WW and starting the gym again!!