"Take a chance to recognize that this could be yours..."

I have abandoned laundry for blogging!

It's my next to last day of vacation, and although it has been a long, lovely relaxing one, I will be a little bummed to go back to work after almost two weeks of sleeping in and hanging out!

That said, I have been laying around watching HGTV. Generally, this fills me with thousands of ideas and sends me into a tizzy or refolding our towels to look fancy or re-organizing my closet! Watching HGTV paired with a PMS-induced headache, however, is just leaving me feeling increasingly bitchy about the electrical problem in our living room, closely monitored from my perch on the couch! The most ambitious project I've done today is keep A & D ointment on my new tattoo!!

Come Monday though, it's going to be back to my world of little girls, cute clothes, homework and dance class! And while I do miss my little chickens, I am going to enjoy the laziness of my last 1 and 1/4 day of vacation left!

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