"Sunbeams will soon smile through..."

Oh, how a dose of cuteness can cure what ails you!

After a rough yesterday, I have to admit that I was not looking forward to a long day of work today, even if it was with my cute little Chickens! I really wanted to stay in bed, cry, and eat. I remembered just in time, however, that in order to have the luxury of emotional eating, you need money to buy food, so off to work I went!

Thankfully, just in time to give me a dose of cheer, today was Anna's semester-end recital at The Little Gym! She has been going to Little Gym since she was two and LOVES it! It really is a great program, and her teachers at the Cherry Hill site are awesome- love her for her cuteness but know how to handle her sassy side! So Miss Sassy Pants is no stranger to recitals, and has gone from this:

Wait for it....

To this:

CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT? She has gotten so big, my little hula diva! Isn't she gorgeous? She was awesome, she's such a little diva! I seriously teared up while she was doing her ballet routine, she was so good, as you can see:

You can enjoy her tap routine at my friend Michelle's blog- her beautiful daughter Amelie is also in Anna's class and a great friend of Anna's! I didn't get this routine on video, so thank you, Michelle!

Seeing how big my little Chicken has become warmed my heart on a day I really needed it! I am so excited that Ellie is going back to dance this semester- I bet she's come even farther!

And maybe tomorrow, I can talk about Mom-Mom.


Shelly said...

ah! you got the ballet video and i didn't! you HAVE to email it to me and i'll email the tap =) now that THAT is settled--so glad we were with you guys in dance this semester--so fun!

Ree said...

Too too CUTE!!!