"Someday I'm gonna find it, wish I knew what I was looking for..."

UGGHHH....I was looking forward to a night in front of the television after a long day at work, and what happens? Gossip Girl is a rerun! Oh,well. After last night's television extravaganza, I should be okay with a little rerun action tonight!

And on another note, this dude is an absolute lunatic!

Now, to the matter at hand...

Today was a typical Monday, with a kind-of sluggish Nanny Brie and two tired little gals! We went about our usual business, but there were two moments that, although fleeting, felt very significant.
First, I finally went to Social Security to change my last name! And let me tell you- that place is a whacky shack!! I have never seen so many nutballs under one roof, and I just watched the Duggar wedding on TV last night!! I just felt horrible for the poor, poor security guy at the front. If I had known what his job entailed, I would have brought that poor schmuck a vodka tonic!

The freak show I witnessed was not the significant moment, although I think it scarred me for life!

What felt significant is that I walked in a Wexler and left a Latini, and although being married to Pete is honestly a dream come true (and there's no other way to say it, it is), it was a little hard to let go of my Wexler-hood. It's the name of my father, my Mom-Mom, it's what I was for almost 32 years. Marla and I are "Wexler Girls" through and through. One of my favorite people on this earth, my music teacher Mr. Reid, always referred to me in his thick Boston accent as "Wex-LAAHHHHHH". I am thrilled to be a Latini- I feel like these people I married into were somehow created just for me! Still, it's a little hard to say goodbye to Brie Wexler!

The second thing was the briefest of moments- over in just a second. But something about it really touched me. Driving home from picking up Anna, she was riffling through my purse and found my cute, new Vera Bradley photo album. She was having a good time identifying all of the people in the pictures"There's you and Pete! Hey, that's you with Marla! Oh, there's Shelly! Is that Ann Marie? Why are you all hanging onto a pole? (whoops)" and on. Flip,flip, until she got to a picture and said "There's you and Greg at your wedding!".

Our wedding was almost 3 months to the day before we lost Greg, and by then, he didn't look like the Greg I had known. Eye patch aside, his face sagged on one side, his smile wasn't the same. What struck me was that with all of the innocence and honesty children have, changes do not go by unnoticed. God, Anna notices if I change my earrings! But with all that was going on, she could look at that picture, see someone who looked so different then when she became best friends with his daughters, and say "Oh, there's Greg".

Yup, there's Greg, baby girl, and I was so happy he was there!

Lastly, today, I was going through Ellie's work folder and looking at some of her completed classwork. Her class has been working on two-letter sounds, and on her worksheet, she had to come up with a word that started with the "sm-" sound. The word she chose was "smelly", which made me laugh, but what really killed me was the smell waves she drew coming off of the sock!

How cute is that? Anyway, hope your day hasn't been to smelly! Goodnight!

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