"Oh, you can surely see you're so much more to me..."

Oh my God, I am falling asleep, so I had better make this quick!

I had such a fun night tonight at Applebees with my best girls, Marla and Carmen, to celebrate Carmen's birthday! We were provided with entertainment for the evening, as the entire male staff of Applebees, led by Brian, the worlds best server, serenaded Carmen with a highly energetic rendition of "Happy Birthday"! You kind of had to be there to know how funny it really was,but it was funny! My abs and jaw still hurt from laughing so hard!!

No gal ever likes getting older,but I am so thankful for every year Carmen is with us, and for all of the years ahead! What a great friend, wonderful person, and outstanding human! Happy birthday, Carmen!

On a side note, I let Anna paint my nails today:
It looks...awesome.

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