"Oh what a pair we'll be..."

I know that alot of my friends/family are parents. There are aspects to parenthood that despite all of my years working with kids I just can't understand. There is however, something I have an exceedingly large base of knowledge on! I may not have kids yet, but I am a sister!

For all of you parents of daughters, you may despair while you listen to them bicker and fight, or wish for a "Child Mute" button you could press when they scream at each other after one makes fun of the other for being grounded or borrows something from the other without permission. You may wonder if you will ever have peace.

You won't. Sorry. While they are under the same roof, sisters tend to cause an unbelievable chaos. Even when they are getting along, there can be a discordant noise- a weird sort of harmony that only sisters can create. In their good moments, you might marvel at what you created. In their "off" moments...well, I am willing to bet you wish those X and Y chromosomes had paired up a little differently.

But worry not. Here's the catch that only a grown-up sister can know. Suddenly, one day, those girls will realize that they need each other more then anything else in the world. That all of that bickering and fighting is just a part of the secret language that they speak now.

Thank goodness that I am lucky enough to be one of those grown-up sisters, because without the other girl my parents managed to pop out, I'd be lost.

Plus, nobody would have made me dinner tonight!

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Anonymous said...

LOVE YOU!!!! Im hoping this comment works, you saw last night how it wouldn't let me leave one/ But its 5:50am, and Im crying my eyes out before I leave for work... in a good way! :-)