"Memories made in the coldest winter..."

Woo! Today was a cold one! I woke up this morning to find snow falling!

It had tapered off by the time I got to work, and so I proceeded to start a pretty quiet day. Anna has been fighting off a cold, and I am starting to think I might be following suit. I am starting to get the cough and have just been feeling so tired the past few days!Come 2pm today, it was a struggle to stay awake!

I am willing to bet that part of the reason for that is that I am in terrible shape; in fact, I am, like, 99.9999999% sure it is! It's just that when it comes to finding the motivation to make improvements, I find myself a little (ahem....alot) on the lax side! I hate to complain about it day after day without really doing anything about it, but I am trying to be honest here! I'm just letting it all out and hoping that I was be able to reach down deep to do something about it!

That said, it's off to bed, I am one sleepy girl! But, please, by all means! Stay. Read. Tell me if you have something to say, or any random thoughts at all! And hang out to enjoy this picture of bird footprints in the snow!

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