"Makin' your way in the world today, takes everything you got..."

I have become an obsessive blogger, and an even more obsessive blog-hopper! It's great for a nosey person like me who loves to hear read about how others live! And if I wasn't afraid of people knowing just how nosey I am, I would leave all of the wonderful blogs I check out some comments.

But then they would know I am nosey. Sigh...

At any rate, this fun blog (the author of which has exceedingly beautiful kids!) hosts a game of sorts- every Monday, you can blog about how wonderful you are, and list behaviors that you would never indulge in!

Well, how fun is that? Let's blog about how great I am!!

Well, I am only the most enthusiastic and hard-working of nannies, so when my alarm went off this morning, I most certainly did not let loose with a long trail of profanities on my way to the shower! And while I was in the shower, I didn't lean against the wall of the shower and doze off.

Drying off this morning, I didn't dread going to work and dealing with the continued renovations at the house. And when I got to said house, I was perfectly happy to deal with all of the noise, dust, pounding, yelling, chiming, alarming, cleaning and traffic! No, really, I was the picture of the perfect hostess!

I did not, without a doubt would never have fled the house with Anna when the cleaning crew showed up, to add to the already crowded house full of people fixing the floor and installing the alarm system! And if I had fled, I would NOT have gone to Barnes and Noble and spent the last of my gift card on a big 'ol stack of books!!

When I did get a chance to do some blog surfing, I did not have a laugh at the expense of my friend Michelle, who had a rough day and yet, somehow managed to share her angst-ridden experience in a funny way!

After a long day at work, I was not so grumpy and tired that I turned down a visit to see my Shelly and instead, stopped for some Wendy's drive-thru and went home. And when I got home, I would NEVER have walked PAST my adorable husband without so much as a hug, and instead walk over to my new phone that arrived today!

And if I had brought Wendy's home to eat, I would not consume it while rotting my brain with another Monday night in front of "Gossip Girl". I mean, really? "Gossip Girl"?

C'mon folks! You all know me better then that! :-)

(project 365)


Wayne said...

I had a wendys for the first time not so long ago It was so so yummi, Great not me monday

I do what I want! said...

I'm a blog stalker too and I don't usually leave comments either but I decided to today to let you know you aren't the only one haha. I like reading your blog because you kinda remind me of me...my boyfriend is a fireman and I used to be a nanny until college consumed my life and I had to quit.

Alicia said...

Great Not Me's! I just wanted to tell you too I am a blog stalker too. I normally dont leave a comment but I wanted to let you know you arent the only one out there. I especially love Monday's when I can look at all the links on MckMama's blog!

Shelly said...

now i feel better about my monday =) (and the fact that i let gossip girl rot my brain a little more too--seriously, what's up with finding the "long lost sibling" only to find out he's dead!?)

Rachael Schirano \\ Rachael Schirano Photography said...

now i have that song stuck in my head! thanks a lot, lol!

love mckmama and the not me's:)

thanks for commenting!