"I've been very hopeful so far..."

Today, I think I'll start with an assignment in which I was tagged to do on the blog of my sweet friend Michelle!

I was instructed to go into the sixth folder in my "Pictures" file, choose the sixth picture in that folder, and describe!

This picture was taken at a Flyers game that I went to with Pete a few years ago. Because they are so expensive, Flyers tickets are a once or twice a season treat for us- usually we go see the Phantoms! This particular game, they played the Montreal Canadians, and played SO badly that for the first time ever in my career as a Flyers fan, I wanted to leave before the game was over! Specifically, I tried to talk Pete into going back to the car to make out! Pete, however, insisted on watching the entire game, so there we sat, watching the Flyers get their asses handed to them by the Habs!
Thankfully, today was a much better day then yesterday! There were no unfortunate, explosive mood swings, and the day went by without incident. Anna was lucky enough to have a play date with her BFF Riley, and that took up most of the afternoon! Now it's Friday night, I'm home, and eager to go to sleep!
So, please enjoy this picture of my niece Emi chowing down on a cupcake, and have a good night!

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