"I hate the world today, you're so good to me, I know, but I can't change..."

Today was not a banner day for me.

And I am woman enough to admit it.

A combination of impending sickness and PMS has me walking a very thin wire- my patience levels and energy levels are already pretty low. Wait....that is me with PMS alone. PMS in conjunction with getting sick makes me feel...well...like this:

In fact, I just looked up from blogging to watch ER for a second and burst into tears. ER comes on at 10pm. It's now 10:05.

See? I'm a hot mess.

Thankfully,the day wasn't all bad, despite my horrible mood. I was able to grab a nap while my gals were at school, so that gave me a little boost for the day. Anna and I joined Randi for some lunch at Don Pablo's- the perk of having a pregnant friend is that they are always up for lunch! Even though the girls aren't mine, it is so nice to have a friend who is raising girls of the same age- I imagine I will feel the same way when I have children of my own and (hopefully) have friends with kids the same age. Those little chickens may not be mine, but I often feel many of joys and frustrations (oh, yes, frustrations!) that my friends feel for their own kids.

Still, while I enjoyed Randi's company, I found myself craving a bit of personal space- not easy when you work in a house with two little girls, another adult, and a dog! That left my nerves a little jangled (Hey, I have never claimed to be a nice person!). Worry over my sister-in-law, however, pushed me over the edge and later, I ended up picking a completely unnecessary fight with Pete. Sadly, I am still in the "I-can't-back-down-even-though-I'm-wrong-because-I-can't-admit-I'm-wrong" place. It's part of being a Taurus, what can I say?

Oh, jeeze, this episode of ER is friggin' killing me! Anyway...

An evening with my sisters-in-law (which reminds me, I was also short with the birth sister on the phone...feh...) dulled my sharp mood a little, enough to come home and try to take stock of my day. I get so frustrated with myself for feeling so down, especially when so many people- even the people that I love- have "real" problems. Did you mom ever say to you "Oh, I will give you something to cry about!"? I kind if wish someone would say that to me, so I could get a friggin' grip!

Thank GOD next week I'll get my period and get over myself...at least for another 28 days! ;-)

Goodnight, my loves!

PS- Ann, how many Hail Mary's would I get for this one???


Shelly said...

oh honey, we all have days like that! i hope you are feeling all light and happy soon =) praying for you!

I do what I want! said...

I totally know how you feel! I am going through the same exact thing this week! I feel bad for everyone around me! Mostly the guys because they have no clue! Feel better, eat chocolate, and take bubble baths!