"Don't look back, got a new direction..."

Look what I got!

It's my new tattoo!!! It's a little puffy still, but isn't it cute??? Three guesses what the "inspiration" for it is? :-)

Anyway, I hope that everyone I know and love had a happy, safe and fun New Year! I can hardly believe 2009 is upon us, with all of the promise that it holds! I usually start the new year like most people, with a list of resolutions that I punk out on by mid-February at the latest!

I mean, honestly, it's pathetic.

Nonetheless, I do have a few things I would like to try and improve upon this year- eating right and losing some weight, spending more time with my family and friends and less at work, being better with money, all of the usual things.

For 2009 though, I am hoping for so many other things, much more important then my chunky ass or horrible Barnes and Noble habit (although I really need to curb my book spending a bit!).

So, here are my New Year's Resolutions for 2009: I resolve to watch over Shelly, and continue to pray for her heart not to heal (because will any of our hearts ever really heal from losing Greg?) but to at least scab over enough not to hurt anymore. I resolve to get Marla through her struggles with lupus and be there for her through this whole medical circus. I resolve to take better care of my body, so hopefully, God will find it in His heart to add a little something, particularly to the uterus area (but not TOO soon in 2009, lest anyone get all excited!)! I resolve to make the most of the little time I do have with Pete, and know that soon enough, so much more of the world will be open to us and our marriage! I resolve to spend more time with my Mom-mom!

On a lesser note, I resolve to get a matching tattoo with Marla! I resolve to blog more- free therapy! I resolve to go back to pole dancing! I resolve to look up any questions I have about keeping house in the Martha Stewart Housekeeping handbook!

All of these things may or may not happen, and I resolve to let go and be okay with whatever is on the path for me and the people I love!

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