"Can you paint with all the colors of the wind?..."

It's no secret that I am not Martha Stewart. Actually, I'm a little more like Jon Stewart- sarcastic, sharp, and Jewish!

For the longest time, I wasn't even a Martha fan! Who was this bitch telling me how to organize my closet or what to grate lemon zest on? Was she serious?

Eventually, I found my way on Martha's path of righteousness. For one thing, jail did her alot of good- she seems to have had that stick up her booty removed (there's a joke there that has to do with her stint in jail and just HOW that stick was removed, I know it, but I've got nothing right now...)! I started watching her show and found myself really enjoying it! Then she came out with that line of scrapbooking stuff, and I was hooked!

So now I am fully on the Martha bandwagon, and it's a good thing! I was inspired by the cover of this month's Martha Stewart Living Magazine to try a project with my gals!

Here's the cover:

And, well, here's what we came up with:

Well, we got the basic idea! The girls had a great time mixing food coloring into icing and making the colors lighter and darker! My artistic Ellie Belly especially was amazing with the colors! They did an outstanding job and really had a good understanding of what colors to mix and how much to add. It was insanely messy, but so fun! A good way to end off a week with my chickadees!

On an entirely different topic, my Anna Banana is becoming quite the diva! Please observe this video of her singing to her own reflection- and to Linkin Park, no less! How funny is this kid?? She LOVES the song "Leave Out All The Rest" from the Twilight Soundtrack!

I love the look on her face when she gets caught at the end!


(project 365)

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