"Who can say that I've been changed for the better..."

So I have done the dishes and cleaned our bathroom (which had become fully grody), so I feel justified in journaling! I have done my share!

Thankfully, tomorrow is Thursday and the week is drawing to a close! This has been one of those weeks where I feel like I MUST be on an episode of Punk'd and not really living my life! This morning, I got to work and there was NO HEAT! Ugh. I was not amused, although I remain truly thankful to the lovely young man who shuffled his schedule around to come fix the heater today (and what was wrong with it was SO stupid, even I was astounded)!

And it's not just me! My sister has one new home and zero working refrigerators! So she has a gorgeous new house that she can't keep perishable foods in! It's been a streak of not what I would call bad luck, just alot of random weirdness.

Weirdness is not what I need right now! The house that I work at is being renovated, and the near constant state of disaray has gotten to me! I know that must sound stupid, but imagine your office or wherever you work. Now imagine it filled with dust from drywall, the smell of wallpaper remover, paint, and other stuff floating through the air. Imagine all of the stuff from one room crammed into another, with the original stuff from that room shoved aside to make room, and that's to say nothing of the stuff piled in random places! There has been a near-constant din of banging, scraping, pounding, yelling, music, buzzsaws, etc. The things you put away one day are shoved someplace else the next. And, your office mates are tired and just plain off from all of the chaos!

I know I am totally just bitching and moaning, and I know for sure that it could be alot worse! But, either way, I am counting the days until next week when I have an extended vacation!

I know that I myself have been off lately. Part of the reason is that I have terrible insomnia- when the weather is up and down like this I don't sleep, don't ask me why! Until the weather settles, I'm awake! It's been a week of early mornings at work, and to top it all off I am back on Weight Watchers and trying hard this time to stay on the wagon and get in shape. Which also means trips to the gym! I am hoping that improving my outside a bit will do some subsequent repair work to my insides, which have seen better days!

There HAVE been a few pluses to this week so far though:

1. Anna asking me "Breezy, can we listen to Linkin Park?" Linkin Park? Is this kid serious??

2. Finding some awesome gifty buys at Crate and Barrel! I love that place!

3. Going into The Container Store and not spending any money!!!

4. A nice, long shopping excursion to Wegman's, and the fully stocked kitchen that trip yielded!

5. Even though it was not appropriate laughter, having fully hysterics of that story about the people with the kid named Aldolf Hitler, and his sister, JoyceLynn Aryan Nation!!!! Seriously?

6. Being able to go to bed knowing that my bathroom is clean!

Night all!


Ree said...

That random weirdness is what we call around here - Murphy's Law!!

Amethyst said...

I understand what you mean and some people are in a constant state of renovating because it's what they enjoy, so you never get a break.