"I'll get it all figured out when I'm out from under..."

Ahhhhh...and entire day off!

Working two jobs, I don't often get to enjoy an entire day off! Usually, the closest I get is working a half shift, but on this lovely Sunday, I have an entire day to myself!

Sadly, it really IS entirely too myself, since Pete is working today! Luckily, I have a date tonight with Wynne, Michelle, and Edward....sigh! I sucked the girls into the world of "Twilight" so tonight we'll be taking in the hotness that is Edward Cullen! Mmmm....Edward!

The past week or so has been busy, filled with work, shopping, and holiday fun! Thanksgiving was busy, but alot of fun! Usually, Pete and I spend all of Thanksgiving with my parents- since I'm Jewish and he's Catholic, it makes dividing up the holidays easy-peasy, as my parents get Thanksgiving and his get Christmas! This year, we did dinner with my parents and desert with Pete's. My family dinner was small, it was juts my mother and father, Marla and Steve, and Pete and I. My Mom-mom was supposed to come too but she wasn't feeling well. :-( We had a good time stuffing our faces, then it was off to dessert at Pete's parents, where your pie comes with a side of kids running all over the place!

Thanksgiving was not without it's trickiness, as it also would have been Greg's 37th birthday. Really. It kind of seemed like a cruel joke, but there was a part of me that thought the twisted side of Greg would have thought it was kind of funny. The rest of us though, could not help but be sad thinking about it. Shel and his gals had a little birthday celebration for him, so he's still with us in some kind of way. This time of year is a hard time to be missing anyone though. Hopefully, he knows just how much he is in our hearts.

There was alot of joy Thanksgiving weekend for my family as we all gathered to see my beautiful cousin Samantha marry her longtime boyfriend Josh! She looked soooooo amazing, her dress was absolute perfection eclipsed only by her face, which looked soooooo happy! And while the dynamic of my sometimes...uh...interesting family made for alot of fun, the wedding was awesome and we had such a good time! I especially enjoyed talking with my cousin Leah, who is 15 and just a spectacular kid! Be on the lookout for her!

I am trying to hold on to the lightness of things like Sami's wedding and Edward Cullen- sometimes it is so easy to let myself sink. I have been feeling like I am clinging to the edge of a river, and the people I love are being swept away. I can't swim well enough to save them, and I don't even have anything I can throw out to help save them. And yeah, I'm "okay" since I'm at the river's edge, but I feel bad for being safe, and also like I could be the next one in.

Uh, I don't even know what I'm saying, really. I think it's time to stop blogging, since I am not even sure how I went off on this tangent.


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