"I wait in the same spot, brain like a parking lot..."

Well, I never thought I'd live to see the day, but...

Congrats to our own Philadelphia Phillie's- 2008 World Series Champions!!

Now, unlike my very lucky husband, I did not get to see the game live. But I did get to have champagne poured on me at Connie's Mac's, so it's almost the same (and for the record, it figures- I NEVER manage to get out, but the one night I do, and decide to look cute, I get champagne all over my cute new sweater! But, it was for a good cause!)! And no matter where I was, it was an exciting week, wasn't it? You may not know this, but when I was in 3rd grade, I was obsessed with baseball and was convinced I was going to be the first female baseball player. Now, the only bases I run between are...well, nevermind all that. Either way, my birthplace has been waiting a very long time for a championship, and a parade, and a real, fun reason to celebrate! Hopefully, this will somehow turn things for the city around- who would want to let such a positive vibe go to waste?

Today is also Halloween, so a happy one to you! The streets of Oaklyn were full of little Trick-or-Treaters gleefully running from house to house! The ever-famous BFF's- Ellie, Sarah, Anna, Riley and Emi- had a fab time together and scored tons of candy!

One thing I noticed this year- there seemed to be two options in young girls costuming, princess or prosti-tot. Seriously. The costumes were insanely skimpy and...well...slutty. I was on slutty costume alert the whole time we were out Trick-or-Treating and saw WAAAAAAY more tween asscheek then I needed to see. Blercgh. All I know is, if I tried to walk out of the door like that, my mother would have dragged me back in before I felt the breeze of the screen door close.

Slutty costumes aside, my little Bride and Renaissance Girl had an awesome time and already are talking about next Halloween! I love seeing the friendship the girls have formed, it makes me so happy! And despite the bittersweet feel of this year's festivities- yes, the Phillie's are World Series Champs, we had a gorgeous fall day and the girls had a blast, but we didn't have Greg- it was hard to feel too sad when I saw Sarah triumphantly run towards her mom with a mini box of Jr. Mints (her fave!) clutched in her hand! Sometimes, it's the little things!

And now, it's off to bed for me!

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