"The bombs bursting in air..."

Well, we have one Phillie's win in the bag! How exciting to be in the World Series! I am hoping for a win,in particular for my husband and father-in-law, both die-hard Phillie's fans! I am not as into baseball as they are- I am more interested in the Philly Phanatic myself (he's hot!)!

One thing I need to mention though- Did anyone else feel the urge to move- to Canada, France, Iraq, anywhere!!- when they heard the Backstreet Boys rendition of our National Anthem? Good GOD, it was horrible!! It started out nice- they do have nice voices. But then, after "Oh say, can you see...." it took a disastrous turn. When people are allowed to sing The Star Spangled Banner this badly, the terrorists win, folks. There is only one Francis Scott FRICKIN' Key, people. Let's sing it the way God intended.

Try not to dry heave as you witness this disaster:

Now, Q-Tip all of that mess out of your ears and enjoy the patriotic stylings of a pre-crack Whitney Houston, singing one of my all time favorite renditions of the Star Spangled Banner:


ericag said...

brie...i tuned in late last night..I didn't even know who they were, age did not agree with them!!

Shelly said...

ooo...bstreetb---wicked scary! we missed that train wreck! but yay phillies! (that's me living vicariously through my husband's excitement =)