"I'll get right back to you once I get my disguise on"

Some randomness:

1. My amazing friend Mandy got married this weekend! I was lucky enough to be asked to be a bridemaids, and it was such a pleasure to share in Mandy and her new husband Taylor's day! The wedding was a blast, even though her adoreable dad Hanry didn't get to hear the Chicken Dance! Everyone had a great time and enjoyed being a part of Mandy and Taylor's love! And Mandy looked GORGEOUS!!! I think she would have worn her dress on the plane ride to their honeymoon if she could! I can relate- I didn't take my wedding dress off until 5am!! Even though it was hot and weighed a thousand pounds, taking it off meant the fairy tale of the day was over. And Mandy really was an absolute princess on her wedding day! I was so happy for her!

2. Greg is coming home from the hospital on Tuesday! He's been there for just under a month, since right before Pete and I got back from our honeymoon. He's changed so much from his illness- if Pete and I were getting married tomorrow, I don't think Greg would be able to walk down the aisle. It's always going to be a part of my heart that Greg- and EVERYONE we love- was there for our wedding day. Shelly continues to amaze me with how much strength she has shown, and our family continues to make me so proud of all the support they have shown. Ever since Greg drove me home from work one time and told me that Pete had fun on one of our early dates (That meant he was talking about me to his family!!!!!!) Greg's been a fave of mine- I always felt like he was rooting for us! And now that he's my brother-in-law...well, family is family. And I have been so blessed in mine. So just continue to pray for Greg's health and for Greg, Shelly and the girls to get through this.

3. I am trying to learn to cook! I made breakfast for my family a few Sunday's ago. Breakfast came out okay, but in my nervousness and frenzy of trying to cook, get everything to the table at the same time, I, uh, might have drank my mimosa a little too quickly. In other words, I got drunk off my ass. I'm a lightweight anyway, so a glass of champagne, even one mostly filled with OJ, is all I need. Ooops. But, I have been working on cooking SOBER and have had fun trying out some new things and planning meals!! Sigh. Leave it to me.

4. My good friend Kim and her husband Aaron- who was the winner of the Next Food NEtwork Star!- got some really exciting news!! Aaron's show, "Big Daddy's House", which had a six-show run as part of his deal as the winner of TNFNS, was picked up for another 13 episodes starting in January! We are all so proud of Aaron, and believe me when I tell you that this could not have happened to a better person and better family!

5. I am tired and ready to go to bed.

The End.

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Ree said...

Hey Bree-- You looked great at that wedding! The bride's dress was great, as well!
I have been praying for Greg, Shelly & the girls!! It pains me to see them going thru all this!! They are such good people and DO NOT deserve this!! It is so hard to think about Greg in this way--ya know, he was once head of CI and although he isn't a muscle man, that position still commanded a strong stature-so to think of how he once was and how he is now is a sad and disheartening thing!!
I plan to give them a call this week and maybe set up a time to go see them!
Congrats on your breakfast and I'm sure you'll get even better as time goes on!!
Many Blessings!!