"I'm finished, I'm getting you off my chest..."

*I just want to say "I'm sorry" in advance to some of my nicer friends who may read this journal. I am about to say something not very nice. *

One of the things I love about my fiance , is the company he keeps. Pete has some amazing friends, who he loves very much and who love him very much in return. He has friends who would throw down with any one or any thing, who have been there for the better and can stand by at the worst. Pete has some awesome people around him, and having them in my life- even peripherally- is a privilege.

Sadly, though, he has a friend or two (who shall remain nameless) who happen to be complete waste of space. Who let themselves be dictated by immaturity and an inability to be a leader, not a follower. And I feel really, really sorry for you, and not just because you are married to a complete C. Uou Next Tuesday who is completely devoid of personality (unless she has a few drinks in her). I feel sorry for you because you are a spineless loser who has no idea on earth what kind of friend he has.

So bite my ass.

* For those of you who I love, I am sorry you had to read that- I usually do not like to speak badly of other people. I usually don't have to! I am a very lucky person in that way. That said, sometimes people need to be called out, even in my passive-aggressive way I displayed just now. Not to mention that people should really know better then to act like idiots when I am getting my period! The End. *

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Shelly said...

ha! c you next tuesday...wait, was that it? i already forgot but i'm going to have to go back and remember that one! ha! there are a lot of special people in the world and not nearly enough short buses to carry them all.