"I know that I am like the rain, there but for the grace of you go I..."

So, thankfully, I have a brand-spankin'-new drivers licence, since I found my birth certificate and social security card the other day (see last entry!). I am such an idiot! And the kicker is that I am just going to have to do it again in a few months when I get married!! So annoying! But isn't my hair getting long? For me, anyway...

So, it's been a long few weeks here! My poor girls have been sick on and off for a month now- Ellie has strep for the third time!!! YIKES! We did manage to get out for breakfast one day after a whole week stuck in the house sick. We went to IHOP to have the Horton Hears a Who breakfast and it looked...well, it looked like this: Yeah, it was gross. But, the girls LOVED it!! What little girl wouldn't love a stack of pancakes with weird, pink and blue syrupy stuff on it? Ew. The girls got to enjoy a great Easter in Tennesee and I got to enjoy a few days off, but we're back in the swing of things this week, strep and all! My poor little muffins! They are going to corner the market on antibioitcs!! Thank GOD they are good medicine-takers! I got lucky there!!

The wedding plans are, uh, moving along! Like I keep saying, I am not terribly bridal, so I have to be pushed a bit to try and care about things like color schemes and my bachelorette party (I don't go out very much, so I am not sure what I should be saying I'd like out of the evening!). But, rest easy, bridal doubters, because there is a bit of the bride in me yet- I picked out and ordered my wedding band and every time I look at my engagement ring and think about how in a few months there will be a band nestled next to it, I get all fluttery!

I feel terrible though, because I am so, so excited to be getting married to Pete- there's nobody on earth who is meant for me more. But there are, um, extenuating circumstances that have made my heart so heavy, and sometimes it's hard to get caught up in something that is, for all intent and purposes, a party!

Oh, wait. Do you hear that sound? It's a bunch of Knotties in a ferver over an unethused bride!!! It sounds like a cross between tafeta rustling and cats crying.

But, stop your tears Knotties- here's a secret. Planning a wedding really is not my thing. But, in my heart, when I think about the moment I walk down the isle towards Pete, even my heart, which for the record has no Knots in it, starts to beat a little faster! And I know that it will all fall into place and that I will have my wish- to have everyone I love there with us to celebrate!

So help an anti-Knottie out and keep the people I love in your prayers!

OH! A big PS: My dad had an appointment last week to monitor his leukemia, which by the grace of God remains in remission, and an appointment this week to monitor his prostate cancer, which again, by the grace of God, turned out great! His levels are back in the normal range and with luck, will also be classified as in remission soon!!

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