"Pay no mind I'm doing fine, I'm breathing on my own..."

Happy St. Patty's Day, everyone!

I hope everyone is enjoying this chilly green Monday! I have a sick Anna Banana home with me, and to be honest, I am not feeling so hot myself, so the two of us are having a sick day together while Ellie is at school and ejoying some relaxing TV programing from Nick Jr.!

This past weekend was crazy, with both good, bad, and amazing things happening! I could hardly keep up with it all!

The bad thing is that Greg had to be rushed to the hospital on Friday with what turned out to be pneumonia. Seriously, can you believe that??? Like what he's going through already wasn't enough. But, while it sucks giant gonads, it's not unusual for people who already have compromised systems to get sick, so just keep him in your prayers as he gets through this latest obstacle. Toast him with a green beer today!! :-)

Sadly, since Greg is having his own little party in Cooper's ICU, he missed the AMAZING beef and beer that the staff at Archway Programs (where Greg and Shelly met, Pete and I met, and where Greg has worked for the past almost 10 years). While we ALL missed the guest of honor, over 150 people were able to raise an astounding amount of money to help Greg and Shel cover expenses for anything for medical bills to lost pay. I always liked working at Archway and I was really reminded what an amazing bunch they are. They worked so hard and with such genuine love to put together an amazing event. The food was aesome, the beer was flowing, and there was a Chinese Auction that was completely made up of donated gifts and items! I even won two baskets! There was a DJ so of course, with my sister and Shelly there, an impromptu dance party started up! Even Pete's Aunt Mary Ann (aka Nanny) was out there cutting a rug! Everyone had a GREAT time for an even better cause!! It was so obvious how loved Greg and Shelly are, and it was a reminder of what a blessing that is, even with all of this chaos around us!

Saturday I was able to spend the day with my good friend Amanda, her husband Arjun, and their adoreable son Dylan! Amanda is due to have a little girl in April, but I hadn't seen her since she was about 8 weeks along, so we were WAY overdue for a visit! She and Arjun recently moved from their little NYC apartment to a beautiful home they had built near Marlboro, NJ! Not only is it wonderful to have them so much closer, but the house is gorgeous! Dylan, my quasi-newphew, is just growing before my eyes and is cuter every day! I mean, seriously folks. Check out this face! We all had a relaxing day together (missing Pete, who had to work, boo) and had lunch at a really nice little resturant, then just hung out at the house catching up on everything and letting Dyland run around!

And yesterday, I worked! That was my weekend!

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Ree said...

Hey Bree!
I hope the Archway Beef & Beer was a success! I wish I would have known, I would have loved to have been there!! Where was it held? It looks like it was a nice night!! Please tell Greg & Shelly I am thinking & praying for them!!